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Life at camp

Camp Program

Our camp program is designed to take into consideration the desires, needs, imagination and skills of leaders and campers. Busy days are filled with a variety of activities; swimming, boating, ropes course, arts and crafts, singing, dramatics, overnight camping, and a variety of recreational and skill-building activities. Our program provides the needed change of pace for many of our children and strives to enhance the total life experience of the child.

Parent Information

facilitesFacility Children are assigned to 12 cabins according to age and gender. Each cabin houses 18 campers, 2 counselors and 1 junior counselor. The camp accommodates 216 children each week.
Staff -APPLY NOW! The culturally diverse Christian staff dedicates each day to supervising your child and ensuring that the camp is both safe and fun. Staff members are well trained college and high school students who are committed to providing a quality camping experience for every boy and girl.
earlyEarly Departure In the event that you need to pick up your child early from camp, please call in advance. We will only release campers to the parent or guardian listed on the application and will need to show photo identification.

early-depFeesOur fees are designed so every family can afford Camp Wonderland. The total cost will vary according to location and can be determined only through contacting your local Salvation Army representative.


Open House - 4:00pm-7:00pm

Come tour the campgrounds, meet the staff, hear about the programs your child will experience.  Children are welcome to join in the fun.  Our bounce house will be blown up and your child will be able to see a cabin like the one they’ll sleep in.  We have found Open House to turn hesitant campers into “I can’t wait to go to camp” kids!  Refreshments will be served.  RSVP HERE!

Preparing A Child for Camp

Whether this is your child’s first visit to camp or they have been here many times, any trip away from home has the potential to produce anxiety in any child. Here are a few suggestions from Christian Camping International that may help get your child ready for camp:

  • Talk about the activities they will be doing: swimming, hiking, arts & crafts, boating, ropes course, and sleeping out. Let them know adults are watching over them.
  • Send stamped and addressed postcards with your child so he or she can write home.
  • Send a letter. Everyone likes to get mail! Keep the contents positive. Be sure to send mail early or the letter will arrive after the child has returned home.
  • Sidestep the separation. Focus on the stories your child can tell you after camp. Please do not suggest to your child that he or she can call home if they get homesick. Telephones are not available for the campers, encourage your child to talk to a staff member if they feel homesick. If we are unable to work things out, we will call you. Usually the child is over any homesickness after the first day.
  • Celebrate the homecoming. Plan a special dinner for the evening your child returns and make a welcome home sign!

Parent Articles

Don’t Give Up!

Today in Morning Discovery, we learned about the importance of keeping our faith in God. Even when we're down, and don't know where to turn, God will always be there to point us in the right direction! Through him, everything is possible! Our memory verse for today is: "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." (Psalm 

More Information

feesVisitors If you would like to visit camp prior to your child attending, you may arrange a tour by calling (781) 784-5934. We do not recommend that you plan a visit while your child is attending camp. This is likely to spark homesickness.
medicalMedical ExaminationA medical form is included in the application package. A licensed physician MUST complete the exam within 12 months prior to camp. A parent or guardian must complete the health history within 90 days prior to camp.

emergencyEmergency Contacts Please be sure that the names and phone numbers for your emergency contacts are correct and in operation. In the event that we cannot reach you, this information becomes extremely important. If you will be out of town during your child’s camp stay, please provide the camp with a phone number where you can be reached.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWKAAAAJGIyOWIwZmFmLWI2NGQtNGY5MC1iMjA5LWI1MDkzY2VkYWY2MQ    Camp Wonderland complies with the regulations of the MA Dept. of Public Health and will be licensed by the local board of health.