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Arriving at Camp Wonderland for the first time as a 19 year old international, jet lagged staff member, I had no idea what I had let myself in for. It later transpired that I was to learn to use skills I didn’t know I had for I job I didn’t know I loved.  It was at camp that God broke my heart for young people and made me recognize my own skills in working with them. Camp is one of the best places to learn to lead confidently, sing loudly, cry openly and love deeply.

In my second summer, I returned as a counselor and was daily blown away by the impact that God’s love was having on the campers in my care. It was at camp where I learnt to rely completely on Jesus, where prayer didn’t only work but formed the basis of my day; I was strengthened by the absolute knowledge that God was working through me, and impacting staff and campers around me.

I now work as a middle/high school teacher back in the UK and regularly find myself using the skills I learnt that first summer as well as spending time with the friends I met there. It was because of Camp Wonderland that I first considered a career working with inner-city kids, and I am thankful every day for the impact it had upon my life.

(Katie is pictured on the left with another exceptional staff member Eilidh on the right)

Percy-Associate Pastor at Faith Assembly of God Church, Hyannis, Massachusetts

“My name is Percy and I am a Pastor who wears many hats! I oversee the Student Ministries at our church; I assist the director at our after school program; and I preach twice a month at our church—which now as two campuses. I am also a husband to my beautiful wife Katie and father to two amazing kids. I am equipped to handle my responsibilities because of the impact that Camp Wonderland had on my life.”

“At nineteen years old, I was hired as the older boy’s unit leader without prior camp experience. Jen Forster saw something in me that I did not know existed. She and the camp staff played a significant role in developing me for the work I do now. God used my experience there to teach me about: administration, delegation, planning, conflict resolution, leading a team and many other things. I also gained a passion for working with those who are marginalized in society. Without Camp Wonderland, I would not be the person I am today.”


Katie-School Aged Site Director at Cape Cod Child Development

“Having had experience as both camper and staff member in many capacities, I am confident in highlighting Camp Wonderland as place where I learned and grew as both a Christian and a leader in my most formative years. I'm most grateful for the loving introduction to Jesus Christ at camp that remains a permanent part of my testimony that I share with countless children, youth and adults that I interact with as my family and I serve in ministry today.”

“As a staff member, I was thrust into leadership and learned both practical and spiritual lessons that have shaped me as wife, mother, minister and professional. It was at camp where I gained the confidence to shake off my life circumstances and serve with confident dependence on God to do the work. Camp was also where I realized that my then future husband and I were built to serve in ministry together. Not to mention the life-long friendships I've gained. Camp Wonderland will always hold a special and significant place in my heart and I'm grateful to God for the impact of Wonderland on my life and legacy of countless other changed lives.”

Percy and Katie Ballah, Former camper and staff members

"I have been a camper for 8 years now. I started going to camp when I was six years old. At first I was scared. I remember holding my counselors hand everywhere we went. But soon enough I adapted and camp was a happy place for me to go every summer. I used to go to camp just to see my friends and to have fun. But in the summer of 2012 during Jesus Theatre I really gave my life to Jesus. I love going to camp ever summer because it's a fun place where I can worship God and have fun at the same time. I gave my life to God at this camp and it really holds a special place in my heart."

Jamin Ware, Former camper

“Camp Wonderland has been an integral part of my life from age 6, and has forever impacted me as an individual. As a child growing up in an inner city, “The Happy Summer Place” provided a space for me to explore who I was, try new things, make a variety of friends, and most of all provided a foundation in my life of love through the staff members who showed me first- hand the love of Jesus.”

“I experienced love in the truest sense of the word at camp not only in my youth as a camper, but through my summers on staff as well. Camp empowered me to be a better version of myself by teaching me about God and nurturing my relationship with him and giving me a space to practically apply those teachings, and continues to inspire me each day. I thank God for Camp Wonderland, because I know how powerful of an experience it is, and how strongly it impacted me. Camp, in one word, is love, because God is love.”


Lindsey Harrington - Gordon College Student, 2010-2013 Seasons