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Our Goals

1. To promote an awareness of God, of His love and the love of Jesus Christ, to aid toward spiritual growth and knowledge of basic human values.

2. To give children, youth and adults a fun-filled, healthful, safe, educational, and inspirational experience in the out-of-doors.

3. To help develop and understanding, appreciation, and a sense of stewardship for the out-of-doors, for the natural environment, and for all living creatures.

4. To help individuals grow in understanding themselves and each other, and especially for children to experience relationships with staff as caring adults and to offer opportunity for people of varied cultures and religions to develop compassion and love for each other.

5. To provide a loving and supportive environment where families can learn to cope with and solve their problems.

6. To facilitate creative self-expression through worship, song, work, play, physical activity, and the development of new skills.

7. To allow each person to participate in planning programs and in establishing limits and responsibility for the safety and welfare of all.

8. To assist in developing an appreciation of the wonder and joy of the miracles of everyday living.

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